An all terrain, 6 ton, hybrid vehicle

Rego’s Concept: Improving mobility of military Special Forces in terms
of speed, maneuverability, cargo modularity and detection avoidance.


REGO is a hybrid, all-terrain, rugged ground mobility vehicle (GMV), military grade that combines combat capabilities with proven off-road rally raid design technologies.

Based on extensive research of special forces requirements, REGO lightweight, high strength construction and “V” shape chassis enhance maneuverability while providing optimum vehicle protection and crew survivability.

REGO avoids detection, due to the low-noise and low thermal profile hybrid platform. The 2.65 meter (8.7 ft.) long modular cargo area enables a variety of mission specific cargo capsules to be easily and quickly installed or replaced.



  • Unique capability of conquering all terrains
  • 1:1.3 payload to weight ratio
  • Simple, quick maintenance
  • Rapidly conveys troops from place to place
  • Versatile modular configuration to meet specific mission requirements
  • Low thermal and acoustic signature
  • Travel Without Refueling
  • Air portability in cargo planes
  • User-friendly even to inexperienced driver
  • Available in lightweight armor and conventional full armor, as required

Proven Beast

With over 15,000 miles of field testing, the REGO Prototype I has proven to enhance maneuverability while delivering optimal vehicle protection and crew sustainability.

Rego’s Features

  • Modular cargo area

    Accommodates several types of easily installed cargo capsules, the same vehicle can be outfitted to transport crew, communications equipment, or weapons.

  • Automatic payload calibration

    cutting edge control unit adjusts the springs, shock absorbers, and tire pressure for optimized suspension while transporting cargo up to 3,400 kg (7,480 lb).

  • Fully independent suspension

    all-wheels, 60 cm (23 5/8 “) travel for maximum vehicle navigability.

  • Hybrid drive

    lowering the noise and heat profile of the vehicle by operating on electricity for the final approach to a target

  • V-shape chassis design

    optimum force protection from land mines, improvised explosive device, and roadside bombs

  • High cargo to self weight ratio

    3,400/2,600 Kg ratio (7,480/11,155 lb).

  • High strength, lightweight hull construction

    more cargo capacity.

  • Easy maintenance

    engine, motor, and other sub-systems are conveniently accessed from the center of the cargo area.

  • User-friendly

    can be operated even by inexperienced drivers

  • Armor ready

  • Autonomous ready


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