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Installing REX for the
Jeep JK, is a job which
can be done at any
4X4 garage.
Rev Up
Time to start that engine
and get going.
Get extra ground clearance.
REX will take you places
your Jeep couldn't tackle

REX Independent Suspension

REX is a bolt-on kit that replaces the solid axle with an independent suspension system. The patented differential allows extra long suspension arms and shafts within the original body width. The added length provides 20” wheel travel and increased ground clearance on a standard JK.
rex differential

Improves All-Terrain Ride

The REX independent suspension system provides extra ground clearance, a smoother ride on any terrain, and increased off-road maneuverablity , with zero compromize on performance and quality

4X4 on Steroids

4x4 on steroids

Rock Crawling

rock crwaling


off road

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REX Suspension Advantages

  • Bolt-on IFS Kit
  • Doubles wheel travel - 20'' travel on a standard JK chasis
  • Increases ground clearance by 1.5'
  • No bump steer effect
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Move the handle around to see how REX looks on JEEP!
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Rex in action
Rex Suspension System
Rex Suspension in the terrin